USNA Parent Club Leadership

Meet the Club Leadership

President: Chad and Shannon Burke (’18)
Vice-President: Robert Leyba (’19)
Secretary: Maria Hernandez (’19)
Treasurer: Gregory Peck (’20)
Past President: Scott and Cassie Pullig (’17)
USNA Parent Club Liaison: Jeff Buck (’12, ’15)
Alumni Chapter Liaison: Jim ’67 and De Medford Davis (’12)

 2016-2017 Committee Chairs

Blue & Gold Officers: Jeff and Mamie White (’15)
Firstie Recognition: Stacey Easter (’18), Ruth Reitmeier (’20)
Raffle: Karen Armstrong, Lynn Faulkner (’19)
In-Touch Editor: John Swanson (’20)
Library: ChristyAnne Dickson
Membership: Cathy Pool (’18)
Candidate Mentoring: Paula Ticatch (’20), Laura Rapp (’20), Matt Marino (’20)
Mid Morale – Care Packages: Tracy Carroll, Erin Kubena
Mid Morale – Birthday: Marissa Rombado (’19)
Military Ball – Co-Chairs: Alison Sulentic (’19) and Marissa Rombado (’19)
Webmaster: Hank Walker (’18)

Class Coordinators

Class of 2017: Jill Hughes
Class of 2018: ChristieAnne Dickson, Stacey Easter
Class of 2019: Robert Leyba, Marrisa and Gabriel Rombado, Allison and Steven Sulentic
Class of 2020: Harold and Maria Barber, Ernest and Gina Mokry