About the Texas Gulf Coast Club

Our Mission: U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen are a diverse and special collection of young adults; They each possess varying degrees of academic, athletic, social and leadership skills. However, families and midshipmen soon discover many common traits. Strong support plays a part in the life of each young person entering the U.S. Naval Academy. It is the mission of this club to serve the needs of Texas Gulf Coast midshipmen, candidates, parents, and families.

The USNA Parents Club of the Texas Gulf Coast is a support group organized by parents of midshipmen from the Houston region. The Association is dedicated to the support of the midshipmen, their families and friends. We encourage communication and organize events focused on the Midshipmen throughout the year. We provide a link between the Academy and our Texas Gulf Coast Naval Community, providing information and support for all members.

Our club activities encourage the building of friendships for parents and families of midshipmen, in an effort to help better understand and support our sons and daughters, and experience the challenges and opportunities that go along with their roles as midshipmen and future Naval and Marine Corps officers.